By Matt Lucas, PhD; Managing Director, Business Development

At New Energy Risk (NER), we cheered the recent announcement that clean energy leader and icon Jigar Shah would be leading the DOE’s Loan Programs Office (LPO). We share his goal of seeing the office streamlined to maximize its effectiveness. …

Blackouts in Texas and California Teach a Hard Lesson: Climate Change Is Costly

By Brentan Alexander, PhD; Chief Science Officer & Chief Commercial Officer

A record-setting polar vortex, which brought intense cold to a majority of Americans, has led to massive blackouts in Texas; significant amounts of energy generating capacity have been knocked offline. The Texas grid operator, the Electric Reliability Council of…

We are inspired by people who are passionate about insurance and technology that solves pressing global challenges. In this interview series, our chief actuary, Sherry Huang, talks with friends of New Energy Risk whose work makes a difference, and whose journeys will inspire you, too.

A Conversation with Kara Owens, Global Executive Underwriting Officer — Cyber & ESG, Markel

By Sherry Huang, Chief Actuary

What to do with all these wood chips?

One Small Step for Torrefaction, One Giant Leap for the Bioeconomy

Commissioning of the US’s first commercial torrefaction facility is a milestone in its own right, and a potential game-changer for the bioeconomy’s inroads against fossil fuels

By Matt Lucas, PhD, Managing Director, Business Development

Moonshine: It might not sound synonymous with the bioeconomy, but at a massive scale, the fermentation…

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New Energy Risk helps insure technical risk for breakthrough tech to optimize cost of capital, accelerate time to market, and provide certainty of execution.

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